Christian’s First Experiments with Tasking in OpenMP 3.0

From Christian Terboven’s blog:

OpenMP 3.0 is out, maybe a bit later than we hoped for, but I think that we got a solid standard document. At IWOMP 2008 a couple of weeks ago, there was an OpenMP tutorial which included a talk by Alex Duran (from UPC in Barcelona, Spain) on what is new in OpenMP 3.0 - which is really worth a look! My talk was on some OpenMP application experiences, including a case study on Windows, and I really think that many of our codes can profit from Tasks. Motivated by Alex’ talk I tried the updated Nanos compiler and prepared a couple of examples for my lectures on Parallel Programming in Maastricht and Aachen. In this post I am walking through the simplest one: Computing the Fibonacci number in parallel.

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