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SC08 OpenMP “Hands-On” Tutorial Available

Tim Mattson and Larry Meadows, both of Intel, presented a day-long tutorial introducing parallel programming with OpenMP at SC08 last week in Austin, TX.

The slides and class exercises from that tutorial are now available:

OpenMP 3.0 Status

»Christian Terboven reports:

SC08 brought us some pretty good news regarding availability of (full) support for OpenMP 3.0:

  • Intel 11.0: Linux (x86), Windows (x86) and MacOS (x86)
  • Sun Studio Express 11/08: Linux (x86) and Solaris (SPARC + x86)
  • PGI 8.0: Linux (x86) and Windows (x86)
  • IBM 10.1: Linux (POWER) and AIX (POWER)

GCC 4.4 will have support for OpenMP 3.0 as well, it is currently in regression fixes and docs only mode (see

OpenMP at SC08 Austin

Michael Wong of IBM Canada attended the OpenMP “Birds-of-a-Feather” meeting at SC08 in Austin, TX this week, and is blogging about it on his »C/C++ Cafe blog.

OpenMP 3.0 Specs Summary Card

Openmp Card

An 8 page summary card of the OpenMP 3.0 specifications is now available:

»Version 3.0 Summary Card (November, 2008) (PDF)









New Book (in German)

OpenMP ProgrammingOpenMP - Eine Einführung in die parallele Programmierung mit C/C++
(OpenMP - An Introduction into Parallel Programming with C/C++ )

von Rainer Lienhart und Simon Hofmann, (Universität Augsburg)

Has been published by »Springer (in German). Here is the description:

Über dieses Lehrbuch

OpenMP ist ein weit verbreiteter de-facto-Standard für High-Level Shared-Memory-Programmierung, der für viele Plattformen, u.a. Linux und Microsoft Windows, zur Verfügung steht. Das Programmiermodell von OpenMP ermöglicht einen einfachen, skalierbaren und flexiblen Ansatz zur Entwicklung paralleler Applikationen unter FORTRAN, C und C++. Seit seiner Einführung 1997 wird Open MP von der Mehrheit der High-performance Compiler- und Hardwarehersteller unterstützt.

In diesem Buch wird Open MP ausführlich vorgestellt und gezeigt, wie eine Implementierung paralleler C/C++ Algorithmen erfolgt.

This book can also be purchased as a PDF download from the Springer website.

PGI Announces Release 8.0 With Full OpenMP 3.0 Support

Full support for the OpenMP 3.0 parallel programming standard for multi-core x64 CPUs and multi-socket servers, including full support for TASKs in PGF95 and PGCC in release 8.0.

More information is at the »PGI website.

OpenMP 3.0 Implementation Completed in Sun Studio Express 11.2008

Sun Microsystems has announced the Sun Studio Express November 2008 release with complete implementation of the OpenMP 3.0 specifications.

Some OpenMP 3.0 features were first introduced in the Sun Studio Express July 2008 release. The implementation of OpenMP 3.0 is completed with the »Sun Studio Express November 2008 Release. The new OpenMP 3.0 features in the November release are:

  • Pointer type loop control variables in C and C++
  • C++ random access iterators
  • Fortran allocatable arrays

More information at the »Sun Studio OpenMP Wiki

Sun Studio Express compilers and tools run on Solaris, OpenSolaris, and Linux, on SPARC and x86/x64 platforms, and is a free download from the  »SDN Portal

Japanese Translation Available

Our thanks go to the volunteers from Fujitsu who have completed a translation of the OpenMP 3.0 API Specifications into Japanese, and to Dr. Satoh at the University of Tsukuba and volunteers at NEC who reviewed the final document for accuracy.