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»Videos from OpenMPCon 2015

OpenMPCon 2015 is over. It was quite a success for the first such OpenMP developers and users conference.

We managed to interview some of the participants, and those short interview videos are now up on our OpenMP YouTube channel

Topics ranged from OpenMP SIMD to OpenACC and OpenCL, OpenMP usage in the national labs and in financial applications, automatic parallelization tools from Appentra and Silexica, and what’s in store for the next OpenMPCon in Kobe, Japan.

Videos of the actual presentations and the slideware are currently being prepared and will be made available very soon.

And thanks to everyone who attended this very first OpenMPCon, and the staff at SuperC, RWTH Aachen University!

»OpenMPCon 2015 Happening Now

OpenMPCon 2015

OpenMPCon, the first OpenMP Conference is happening now in Aachen, Germany. Watch this space for links to video interviews and papers.


OpenMP CEO, Michael Wong, is blogging about the upcoming OpenMPCon Developers Conference on his website


OpenMPCon  next month aims to bring a stellar lineup of the latest industry gurus, users and developers together with the language designers. As such we have 3 keynotes along with two full day tutorial and a day and a half of talks…

OpenMPCon 2015 talk series 2:

Three more talks at OpenMPCon in September…

»Clang 3.7 will have full OpenMP 3.1 support

For the last several years, the OpenMP team has been working in collaboration with Intel, IBM and many other companies to add OpenMP support into clang/llvm.

Over the last 2 years, more OpenMP support has appeared in clang/llvm in llvm 3.5, 3.6 releases.

Now we can announce that this collaboration has achieved full OpenMP 3.1 support in clang/llvm 3.7, which will be released at the end of August.  Several features of the OpenMP 4.0 specifications are already supported in clang 3.7, and work continues on OpenMP 4.0 for clang 3.8.

The full details are on Michael Wong’s blog.

»OpenMPCon/IWOMP 2015 Developers Conference will be in Aachen, Germany

Michael Wong, the OpenMP ARB’s CEO, writes on his blog:

It is with great pleasure that I wish to announce OpenMPCon 2015 which is paired and co-located with the sister conference IWOMP 2015 on Sept 28-Oct 2. As OpenMP evolves rapidly with more releases to match pace with the rapidly evolving Hardware and Parallel world (one Technical Report followed by one ratified Specification every year; we are nearly delivering OpenMP 4.1 which you can preview at OpenMPCon), OpenMPCon aims to be the central place for the latest OpenMP Language development, tutorial, tips and tricks, as well developers connecting with language designers, and compiler/tool vendors.  This will be done on Monday and Tuesday, and partially on Wednesday where the tutorial is shared with IWOMP but can be attended by both conferences.

IWOMP continues its rich history of academic refereed journal research paper presentations on Thursday and Friday on the latest research that will move OpenMP forward into the next generation, as well as offering experimental data on current OpenMP usage that will allow the Language Committee to refine existing constructs. These two combined conferences form a very healthy way for OpenMP to remain agile and moving forward.

Read the rest on his blog.

»4.1 Draft Specs Open for Public Comment

The OpenMP 4.1 draft specification has been released for public comment by the Language Committee.

Download the PDF from here: OpenMP 4.1 DRAFT

Comments should be submitted to the OpenMP 4.1 DRAFT - Public Comments forum. Forum membership is free, but is moderated. If not already a member of the OpenMP Discussion Forums, click on the Register link at

Public comment closes September 30, 2015.

»OpenMPCon Registration Now Open

The program for the OpenMPCon 2015 Developer Conference has been published and online registration is now open.

For full details and to register please visit:

The OpenMPCon Developer Conference, which will be held in Aachen, Germany, 28-30 September 2015  includes world-class keynote speakers, technical presentations, tutorials and panel sessions.  The depth and breadth of the program caters to both novice and experienced OpenMP developers and plenty of time is built into the program for networking with colleagues and sharing experience.

Sponsors for OpenMPCon include: Appentra, cOMPunity,, insideHPC, Intel, JARA, OpenMP ARB, RWTH Aachen University, Silexica and Texas Instruments.

OpenMPCon is being held at the same venue, and just before, the International Workshop on OpenMP (IWOMP).  Registration for IWOMP is also open and can be combined with attending OpenMPCon.  More details on IWOMP at:

»OpenMPCon - Aachen, Germany - 28-30 September 2015

OpenMP ARB Announces Line-Up of World-Class Keynotes, Speakers, Tutorials and Panel Sessions for Annual OpenMPCon Developer Conference

OpenMPCon to Showcase Latest Advances in High-Performance Computing
 using Directive Based Parallel Programming Languages Such As OpenMP

July 13th, 2015 – The OpenMP Architecture Review Board (ARB) today announced the full line-up of world-class keynote speakers, technical presentations, tutorials and panel sessions to be hosted at the inaugural OpenMPCon Developer Conference, which will be held in Aachen, Germany, 28-30 September, 2015. For full details and registration visit:

“The strength of this year’s program looks set to establish OpenMPCon as the single most important event for all OpenMP developers.” said Michael Wong, OpenMP CEO. “I’m delighted with both the depth and breadth of the program which caters to both the novice and experienced developer. Most importantly we have provided plenty of time in the program for delegates to network with colleagues, share experience and leave having had all their questions answered.”

Representatives of OpenMP and OpenMPCon will be present at the ISC High Performance event on the JARA stand #1320 between 13-15 July in Frankfurt, Germany to discuss OpenMPCon and offer developers OpenMP C/C++ and Fortran reference cards.

• OpenMP in an era of Ubiquitous Parallel Computing. James Reinders, Intel
• Towards Using OpenMP in Embedded Systems. Eric Stotzer, Texas Instruments

• A Hands-On Introduction to OpenMP. Tim Mattson, Intel
• OpenMP Does Not Scale?. Ruud van der Pas, Oracle Corporation
• Advanced OpenMP Tasking. Michael Klemm, Intel and Christian Terboven,
RWTH Aachen University
• SIMD Programming with OpenMP. Georg Zitzelsberger, Intel
• OpenMP Accelerator Programming. Eric Stotzer, Texas Instruments

• OpenMP 4.1 vs OpenACC 2.0. James Beyer, CRAY
• OpenMP Tips, Tricks and Gotchas. Mark Bull, EPCC, University of Edinburgh
• OpenMP Analysis in Intel VTune Amplifier XE. Dmitry Prohorov, Intel
• GCC Support to Compile OpenMP 4 for HAS. Martin Jambor, SUSE Linux.
• Where Did My Performance Go? Mark Bull, EPCC, University of Edinburgh
• OpenMP 4.0 vs. OpenCL: Performance Comparison. Simon McIntosh-Smith, Univ. Bristol
• A Success Case: The NAS Parallel Benchmark EP. Manuel Arenaz, Appentra Solutions
• Porting OpenACC 2.0 to OpenMP 4.0. Oscar Hernandez, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
• Using OpenMP at NERSC. Yun He, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
• Inside Intel Compilers: Effective OpenMP SIMD Vectorization. Xinmin Tian, Intel
• Enabling Application Portability across HPC Platforms using Open Standards:
User-oriented goals for OpenMP. Alice Koniges, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Panel Sessions
• Grill the OpenMP CEO and Committee ARB - feedback on the draft specification and future directions
• OpenMPCon next Planning? – Planning for the next OpenMPCon in Kobe, Japan

At OpenMPCon 2015 delegates will enjoy thought provoking keynotes and inspirational and informative tutorials, talks and presentations. The relaxed and friendly atmosphere will provide a great opportunity for developers to discuss and share their OpenMP experiences with industry experts, fellow developers and technology suppliers. OpenMPCon is expected to appeal to a wide range of OpenMP professionals, including:
• Developers, students, consultants and educators
• Managers, Directors and team leaders
• Vendor companies, sponsors and book publishers
• Career seekers, recruiters, veterans, students and schools

OpenMPCon is partnering closely with IWOMP 2015, the research focused International Workshop on OpenMP which will take place immediately after OpenMPCon. Developers are encouraged to attend both events. Early Bird registration for OpenMPCon is available until 31 August.

Sponsors for OpenMPCon include: Appentra, cOMPunity,, insideHPC, Intel, JARA, OpenMP ARB, RWTH Aachen University, Silexica and Texas Instruments.

The OpenMP API supports multi-platform parallel programming in C/C++ and Fortran. The OpenMP API defines a portable, scalable model with a simple and flexible interface for developing parallel applications on platforms from the desktop to the supercomputer.
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