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10th International Workshop on OpenMP IWOMP 2014 Using and Improving OpenMP for Devices, Tasks and More September 28-30, 2014 SENAI CIMATEC - Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

The International Workshop on OpenMP is the premier forum to present and discuss issues, trends, recent research ideas and results related to parallel programming with OpenMP. The international workshop affords an opportunity for OpenMP users as well as developers to come together for discussions and sharing new ideas and information on this topic. IWOMP 2014 will be a three-day event. The first day will consist of tutorials focusing on topics of interest to current and prospective OpenMP developers, suitable for both beginners as well as those interested in learning of recent developments in the evolving OpenMP standard. The second and third days will consist of technical papers and panel session(s) during which research ideas and results will be presented and discussed.

Technical Paper Submission and Publication

Submissions of unpublished technical papers detailing innovative, original research and development related to OpenMP are solicited. All topics related to OpenMP are of interest, including OpenMP performance analysis and modeling, OpenMP performance and correctness tools, proposed OpenMP extensions, and OpenMP applications in any domain (e.g., scientific computation, video games, computer graphics, multimedia, information retrieval, optimization, text processing, data mining, finance, signal and image processing and numerical solvers). Advances in technologies, such as multi-core processors and OpenMP devices (accelerators such as GPGPUs, DSPs or FPGAs), Multiprocessor Systems on a Chip (MPSoCs), and recent developments in OpenMP itself (e.g., tasking) present new opportunities and challenges for software and hardware developers.  IWOMP 2014 particularly solicits submissions in these areas as well as ones that discuss how to apply OpenMP to additional models of parallelism such as event loops. Submitted papers for review should be limited to 12 pages and follow LNCS guidelines:

  • Updated submission deadline is May 25, 2014
  • Authors of accepted papers will be asked to prepare a final paper of up to 15 pages. As in previous years, IWOMP 2014 will publish formal proceedings of the accepted papers in Springer Verlag’s LNCS series.

Important Dates:

  • Paper submission deadline: May 25, 2014  (*UPDATED*)
  • Notification of acceptance: June 6, 2014
  • Tutorial and workshop in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil: September 28-30, 2014

»PPCES 2014 : HPC Seminar and Workshop : March 10-14

Parallel Programming in Computational Engineering and Science
Monday, March 10 - Friday, March 14, 2014vin Aachen, Germany

This event will continue the tradition of previous annual week-long events that take place in Aachen every spring since 2001.

Throughout the week we will cover a wide spectrum of topics, ranging from serial  programming (Monday) to parallel programming using MPI (Tuesday) and OpenMP (Wednesday) in both Fortran and C/C++ as well as performance tuning.  Furthermore, we will introduce the participants to modern features of the OpenMP standard like vectorisation and programming for accelerators and for the Many Integrated Core (MIC) Architecture (Thursday) as well as GPGPU programming with OpenACC (Friday). Hands-on exercises for each topic will be provided, which should not discourage you from working on your own code.

The topics are presented in a modular way, so that you could pick specific ones and register for the particular days only in order to let you invest your time as efficiently as possible.

Attendees should be comfortable either with C/C++ or Fortran programming and interested in learning more about the technical details of application tuning and parallelization. The presentations will be given in English.

There is no seminar fee. All other costs (e.g. travel, hotel, and consumption) are at your own expenses.

Allocation is on a first come, first served basis, since the seminar room is of limited capacity. Please register separately for each session you would like to attend.

The registration deadline is March 3, 2014.

The event is kindly sponsored by the Bull company.

»OpenMP ARB Issues New Mission Statement

In recent years, OpenMP has shifted from being solely focused on shared- memory systems to also include accelerators, embedded systems, multicore and real-time systems. Today the OpenMP Architecture Review Board (ARB) releases a new Mission Statement to formalize this change.

A technical report on directives for attached accelerators was first released in 2012, and subsequently, a full revision of the standard, OpenMP 4.0, was released in 2013, which included support for accelerators, SIMD constructs to vectorize both serial as well as parallelized loops, error handling, thread affinity, and tasking extensions.

Following these releases, the OpenMP ARB is ready for a new mission statement. The old mission statement was focused on shared-memory systems, but the new Mission Statement broadens this mandate to “Standardize directive-based multi-language high-level parallelism that is performant, productive and portable.”

“The new Mission Statement for OpenMP is the result of a collaborative consultation between members, industry, and academia”, said Michael Wong, OpenMP CEO. “It recognizes the changing landscape of parallelism by broadening our mandate to cover more types of architecture, be more robust, responsive, and dynamic while remaining firmly committed to our pedigree. With our firm footing now supporting accelerators and embedded systems, we are open to begin further exploration into more affinity, deeper task dependencies, full error-model, NUMA-access, FPGA, transactional memory, asynchronous and even-driven programming, inter-nodal and intra-nodal interoperability.”

»Dieter an Mey Appointed to OpenMP Board of Directors

Dieter an MeyFebruary 13, 2014 - Champaign, Illinois - The OpenMP ARB, a group of leading hardware and software vendors and research organizations developing the OpenMP API specification for shared-memory parallelization, appointed Dieter an Mey to its Board of Directors. Dieter brings a wealth of experience as an OpenMP user to the Board.

Dieter an Mey leads the High Performance Computing team of the IT Center RWTH Aachen University in Germany. He has a 30+ year track record in HPC with an emphasis on user support and services. Ever since vectorization and message passing and the release of the first OpenMP API specification in 1997, Dieter and his group have actively participated in the OpenMP community. He is co-author of numerous publications on OpenMP programming and productivity.

“I believe Dieter will bring a much needed non-commercial viewpoint to the Board, as well as a non-US viewpoint”, said Michael Wong, OpenMP CEO. “He has been a long-time, active OpenMP proponent who is widely respected within the OpenMP community.”

Dieter joins Josh Simons of VMware, Sanjiv Shah of Intel, Andy Fritsch of Texas Instruments and Partha Tirumalai of Oracle on the OpenMP Board of Directors.

»Updated OpenMP 4.0 Examples

An update to the OpenMP 4.0 Examples document is now available. It adds new examples that demonstrate  use of the proc_bind clause to control thread binding for a team of threads in a parallel region. Also, new examples for the taskgroup construct.

»OpenMP 4.0.1 Examples (PDF)

»Spring Lang Committee Meeting Scheduled

As the Winter face-to-face meeting of the OpenMP Language Committee winds down at Intel in Santa Clara, CA, we can announce the date and location of the next meeting in the Spring:

Spring F2F Meeting

  • At: Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, UK
  • Dates: April 12-16 (Sat-Wed)
  • Hosts: Michael Wong and James Cownie
Save the date. Details to follow.

»Hybrid MPI+OpenMP Tutorial Available

Slides and audio from the day-long tutorial on MPI and OpenMP programming presented at Supercomputing 13 in Denver in  November 2013 is now available.

»Hybrid MPI and OpenMP Parallel Programming
MPI + OpenMP and other models on clusters of SMP nodes
- Rolf Rabenseifner, Georg Hager, Gabriele Jost

»Lang Committee Meeting January 27-31 in Santa Clara

The OpenMP Lang Committee will be holding its first face-to-face meeting of 2014 on the Intel campus in Santa Clara, CA January 27-31.

This meeting will include breakout sessions and presentations by the various subcommittees (Accelerator, Error Model, Interoperability, Fortran, Tasking, Examples) as work continues to develop the next version of the OpenMP API specifications.

This meeting is not open to the public without a prior arrangement. Contact the OpenMP ARB at for more information.

The OpenMP API supports multi-platform parallel programming in C/C++ and Fortran. The OpenMP API defines a portable, scalable model with a simple and flexible interface for developing parallel applications on platforms from the desktop to the supercomputer.
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