Guidelines for Using OpenMP Trademarks and Logos

The OpenMP trademarks are valuable assets. By following these guidelines, you are helping the OpenMP Architecture Review Board (OpenMP ARB) to safeguard these assets.

Who may use the Trademark and Logo

The Trademark can be used by members only under the conditions stipulated in this document. The use of the Logo by non-members requires written permission from the Office of the CEO.

Appropriate Uses of OpenMP Trademark and Logo

Members may use the OpenMP trademark and logo to promote their membership in the organization. Members and all others may use the OpenMP trademark to promote their products or services which support or are compatible with the OpenMP API. This includes but is not limited to advertising, product collateral, sales and marketing promotional materials, signage, presentations, and animations and videos. The trademarks and logos must be used in such a way that does not imply endorsement by the OpenMP ARB beyond the fact that the product or service supports or is compatible with the OpenMP API.

Inappropriate Uses of OpenMP Trademark and Logo

The OpenMP trademark or logo may not be used as part of a product or company name, as part of a product service or feature name, to promote products or services that do not use or are not compatible with the OpenMP API, or in a disparaging way or a manner which reflects badly on the OpenMP ARB or its members. You may not alter or combine the OpenMP trademark or logo. You may not manufacture or distribute merchandise featuring the OpenMP trademark or logo without the express permission of the OpenMP ARB.

Acknowledgement of Trademark Ownership

When an OpenMP trademark or logo is used, a statement of the ownership of the trademark or logo must be included. An example of the OpenMP trademark statement which you should include with your regular trademark statement is:

The OpenMP name and the OpenMP logo are registered trademarks of the OpenMP Architecture Review Board.

The registered trademark symbols (®) should not be used within the acknowledgement text.

Using the ® Mark

The OpenMP trademark must be followed by the registered trademark symbol (®), or mark, at its first use and first prominent use in a document. In a book with chapters, the mark should be used at the trademark’s first use and first prominent use per chapter. On a website the mark should be used at the trademark’s first use and first prominent use per web page. The mark may be used for additional uses at your discretion, as long as the minimum uses specified here exist. The preference is to superscript the mark, however you may subscript if this is how you treat marks in your style.

The Trademark

The OpenMP trademark should be used only as adjective, never as a noun or verb. The trademark must never be used as part of a proper name for a product or service. Avoid using the trademark in plural or possessive forms. On first use, precede the OpenMP trademark with a definite article (“the”) and follow it with the appropriate noun, e.g.: the OpenMP API.

The Logo

The OpenMP logo is available for use by members only under the guidelines listed in this document. All others must request in writing to the Office of the CEO.

Guidelines for using the OpenMP logo:

  • On collateral, product packaging, and other printed materials leave at least ¼” of clear space between the edges of the logo and any other content (and the edge of a page).
  • On banners, signs, or other large printed formats, leave an amount of clear space on all sides equal to or greater than the width of the upper-case P in “MP”.
  • The logo should be smaller than and clearly subordinate to the primary company or product identity.
  • The logo may be used in black, white, or original colors.
  • Do not screen-back the colors.
  • Do not edit or separate components of the logo.
  • When resizing the logo, take care to do so proportionally.
  • Place the logo only on a solid background, or an area that is reasonably clear of visual clutter. The preference is for the color logo to be placed on a white background.
  • The OpenMP teal color is specified as follows:
    • RGB: 0, 115, 125
    • CMYK: 88, 39, 45, 12
    • Hex: # 00737d
    • PMS: 5473C